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Let’s shine a light on water

Improve the quality of your living environment through a community-driven ecosystem with focus on surface water

surface water quality dashboard

We work towards a generally applicable dashboard for evaluating surface water quality in different water bodies as defined in the EU Water Framework Directive.

We use various data sources like publically available data throughout the EU, photos provided by citizens, data produced by third party sensors and sensors. The data are interpreted in real-time through physics based models, sensor data fusion algorithms and AI, resulting in actual water quality and water quality predictions.

We ensure the immutability of the data and our algorithms by preserving their hashes on a public blockchain at the time of their generation.

evaluating surface water quality

our clients care for water quality

local governments in the EU who use our dashboard to improve policy development and water quality according to the EU Water Framwork Directive criteria.

farmers who use our dashboard, sensors, photo app and immutable storage of data in a public blockchain to optimize their operations and prove best practices to the government.

nature organizations who use our services to monitor and manage their nature reserves and conservation areas.

industry using our services to monitor effluent composition and local surface water quality to show best practises to the community.

our partners know water

our Wetsus Sensoring theme membership enables us to apply the latest AI and sensor fusion technologies. Other Sensoring theme members give input on water quality challenges, like medicine traces and pesticides in surface water

We are member of the Water Alliance network of public and private companies, government agencies and knowledge institutes involved in water technology in The Netherlands.

Eyewings enables us to make spatial models of water bodies under investigation using sonar.

4 ways to contribute

We are community-driven initiative where citizens, local governments, environmental organizations, businesses and schools can contribute in various ways:

1 map your living enviroment

Use the photo app and take pictures of your local water, where ever you are, to help collectively map surface water quality in our living environment. Start a (school) project to improve your local living environment in cooperation with us.

2 check your local water quality

Use the public water quality dashboard to identify areas of low water quality in your local living environment and start a local improvement initiative.

3 monitor your living enviroment

Get yourself or your local community a sensor, monitor your local surface water and share the water quality with the network.

4 receive micropayments

Optionally receive micropayments for sharing data and become a holder of the AQA token. By holding AQA, you support the ecosystem and benefit from network growth.