check your local water quality

we shine a light on water

Our dream is to improve the quality of our living environment through a community-driven ecosystem with a focus on surface water. We safeguard the use of our surface water as a natural resource for our drinking water and recreation.

three ways to contribute

a fusion of water sensors, analysis and blockchain

We combine several affordable sensors in devices measuring the quality of our living environment, such as floaters that measure surface water quality and pinners that measure soil moisture quality. We apply many of these devices in a sensor network and store the data in an immutable data base through blockchain technology.

We combine the generated real-time and history data with and external data, such as weather data, and translate them through sensor data fusion algorithms to the main water quality issues that we shine a light on:

  • the drought of the soil
  • over-fertilization of the ground
  • water scarcity
  • swimming water quality of natural water sources like rivers and lakes
  • local blue-green algae blooms related to public health issues in surface water

become a custodian of our living environment

on land

in water

water scarcity, drought of the soil, over-fertilization

swimming water quality, blue-green algae blooms