check your local water quality photo app

share surface water photos and become a custodian of our living environment

How to contribute?

You can find our freshly launched iOS and Android apps in Google Play and in the App Store by typing “” in the search bar. The app provides a tool for monitoring your living environment and share it with others. Your photos are an important information layer of our water quality dashboard, which is also accessible directly in the app.

The photos are combined with data of several affordable sensors in devices measuring the quality of our living environment, such as floaters that measure surface water quality and our pinners that measure soil moisture quality. We apply many of these devices in a sensor network and store the data in an immutable data base through blockchain technology.

We combine the generated real-time and history data with external data, such as weather data, and translate them through sensor data fusion algorithms to the main water quality issues that we shine a light on: drought of the soil, over-fertilization of the ground, water scarcity, swimming water quality of natural water sources like rivers and lakes and local blue-green algae blooms related to public health issues in surface water.

Get rewarded with AQA tokens!

We can offer you the opportunity to get rewarded with AQA tokens for sharing your surface water photos with the network. Interested? Install the photo app on your smartphone, take a picture of surface water in your local environment and drop an e-mail at for instructions. We’ll start rewarding a small group of 100 contributors and we’ll use the experience to automate the process.